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Book or monograph James Neil [1843-?], Palestine ExploredJames Neil [1843-?], Palestine Explored, with a View to its Present Natural Features, and to the Prevailing Manners, Customs, Rites and Colloquial Expressions of its People, which Throw Light on the Figurative Language of the Bible, 4th edn. London: James Nisbet, [1881]. Hbk. pp.319. View in PDF format pdf [This material is in the Public Domain]
Book or monograph Frances Collins Norton [1848-1921], Bible Student's Handbook of AssyriologyFrances Collins Norton [1848-1921], Bible Student's Handbook of Assyriology. A Popular Manual of Useful Information for the Elementary Study of Oriental Archaeology, and a Help for Young Students and Teachers of the Old Testament with nine plates and a Map. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., Ltd., 1913. Hbk. pp. pp.226. View in PDF format pdf [This material is in the Public Domain]
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