F. Crawford Burkitt [1864-1935],
Jewish and Christian Apocalypses. The Schweich Lectures 1913.
London: Oxford University Press, 1914. Hbk. pp.96.

This book is in the Public Domain.

Table of Contents

Lecture I The Acocalyptic Idea
Lecture II The Book of Enoch
Lecture III The Minor Jewish Apocalypses
Appendix I On the Greek Text of Enoch
  1. The Descent of the Angels
  2. The Prologue of Enoch
  3. Enoch and the Valleys of the Dead
  4. Miscellaneous Conjectures
  5. On the Astronomical teaching of Enoch
Appendix II On the Martyrdom if Isaiah
Appendex III On Some Kinds of Apocalypses
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The Gizeh. MS. of Enoch, p.23

The Gizeh. MS. of Enoch, p.23

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