Israel Abrahams [1858-1925]
Campaigns in Palestine from Alexander the Great. Schweich Lectures 1922.
London: Oxford University Press, 1927. Hbk. pp.55.

This book is in the Public Domain.

Table of Contents

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Lecture III  

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Frontispiece: Map of Palestine

Map of Palestine

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Plate of Coins, facing p.50.

Plate of Coin

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Key to Plate (above)

  1. Head of Alexander with ram's horns. Silver tetmdrachm of
  2. Head of Seleucus I in horned helmet. Silver tetradrachm.
  3. Head of horned horse. Silver tetradrachm of Antiochus I.
  4. Athena in quadriga of horned elephants. Silver tetradrachm
    of Seleucus I.
  5. Apollo on omphalos. Symbol : head of horned horse. Silver
    tetradrachm of Antiochus IV. Paris Cabinet.
  6. Zeus. Silver tetradrachm of Antiochus IV.
  7. Nike driving four-horse car. Silver tetradrachm of Agrigentum.
  8. Iudaea capta. Sestertius of Vespasian.
  9. ludaea devicta. Denarius of Vespasian.
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