Archibald Henry Sayce [1846-1933]
The Hittites, 3rd revised edn.

London: The Religious Tract Society, 1888, 1903. . Hbk. pp.168.

The Book is in the Public Domain

Table of Contents

  PrefaceView in PDF format
I. The Hittites of the BibleView in PDF format
II. The Hittites on the Monuments of Egypt and AssyriaView in PDF format
III. The Hittite MonumentsView in PDF format
IV. The Hittite EmpireView in PDF format
V. The Hittite Cities and RaceView in PDF format
VI. Hittite Religion and ArtView in PDF format
VII. The InscriptionsView in PDF format
VIII. Hittite Trade and IndustryView in PDF format
Appendix Extracts Relating to the Hittites from the Tel El-Amarna LettersView in PDF format
  IndexView in PDF format

  Complete Text View in PDF format pdf
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