George Adam Smith [1848-1910]
Jerusalem. The Topography, Economics and History From The Earliest Times to A.D. 70, Vol. 1.
London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1907. Hbk. pp.334.

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George Adam Smith, Jerusalem. The Topography, Economics and History From The Earliest Times to A.D. 70

The Book is in the Public Domain.

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Volume 2

Table of Contents Volume I

The Essential City

Book I - The Topography-Sites and Names

I. The Site of the City
II. Facts and Questions in the Ancient Topography
Ill. The Geology
IV. Earthquakes, Springs and Dragons
V. The Waters of Jerusalem

  1. The Rainfall and other Natural Conditions
  2. The Springs-Real and Reputed
  3. The Identification of the Springs
  4. The Reservoirs and Aqueducts

VI. Sion, Ophel and 'The City Of David'

  1. The Arguments from Topography and Archaeology
  2. The Biblical Evidence as to Sion
  3. History of the Name The 'Ophel
  4. History of the Name David's-Burgh or 'City of David'
  5. The Tradition from Josephus onwards that the 'City of David' lay on the South-West Hill
  6. The Return to the East Hill

VII. The Valley of Hinnom
VIII. The Walls of Jerusalem

  1. The Present City Walls
  2. Proofs of the Ancient Walls up to Titus and their Limits
  3. The Historical Evidence
  4. The Evidence of the Excavations
  5. The Three North Walls

IX. The Name Jerusalem and Its History 250
X. Other Names for the City

Book II - The Economics and Politics

I. A General Statement of the Economic Problems
II. The Ethnic and Economic Origins of Jerusalem
III. The City Lands
IV. The Natural Resources of Jerusalem
V. Commerce and Imports
VI. The Royal Revenues: Estates, Tribute, Tithes, Taxation
VII. The Temple Revenues, Properties and Finance
VIII. Trades, Crafts and Industries
IX. Government and Police

  1. Before the Exile
  2. After the Return, 536-444 B.C.
  3. Under Nehemiah, 444-432 B.C.
  4. From Nehemiah to the Maccabees, 431-168 B.C.
  5. The Reconstitution of Israel, 168-142 B.C.
  6. The Hasmonean Dynasty, 142-63 B.C.
  7. Under the Romans from B.C. 63 onwards

X. 'The Multitude'

General Index to Volume I.
Special Index I.-The Bible and Apocrypha
Special Index II.-Josephus
Special Index III.-Talmudic Literature
List of Abbreviations Used in the Notes

Map I. General Plan of Jerusalem - in pouch at end of book
Map II. Map of Judaea - facing p.1
Map III. Comparative Profiles of the East and West Hills, with the Rock-Bed of the Kidron - facing p.42
Map IV. Geological Map of Jerusalem, after Dr. Blanckenhorn - facing p.53
MAP V. Walls at the Mouth of the Central Valley, excavated by Dr. Bliss - facing p.219
Map VI. The Northern Walls - facing p.241
Plate I. Jerusalem: Looking South-east between Olivet and Jebel 'Abu Deir Tor to the Moabite Plateau / Plate II: Jerusalem: Looking East across the I;Iaram esh- Sherlf to the Mount of Olives - facing p.11.
Plate III. The Valley of Hinnom and the South-West Hill / Plate IV. The Hills and Valleys of Jerusalem from the South-east - facing p.33
Plate V. The Lower Kidron Valley: Looking South - facing p.81
Plate VI. The North-east Tower of the Citadel - facing p.192
Plate VII. Courses of Ancient City Wall on the South-West Hill - facing p.214
Plate VIII. The Present North Wall of Jerusalem - facing p.239
Plate IX. Specimens of the Earliest Coins Circulating in Syria and Judrea - facing p.405
Plate X. Specimens of Coins used by the Jews from Herod Archelaus to the Second Revolt, B.C. 4 to A.D. 135 - facing p.413



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