C.R. Conder [1848-1910]
The City of Jerusalem
London: John Murray, 1909. Hbk. pp.334.

The Book is in the Public Domain

Table of Contents

I. Introductory
II. Before David
III. The Hebrew Kings
IV. Ezra And Nehemiah
V. The Greek Age
VI. Herod the Great
VII. The Gospel Sites
VIII. The Fall of Jerusalem
IX. The Roman City
X. The Byzantines
XI. The Arabs
XII. The Turks
XIII. The Latin Kingdom
XIV. Franks And Moslems
List of Authorities, Etc.

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The Siloam Inscription[p.66]

The Siloam Inscription

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Jerusalem in 600 BC [p.78]

Jerusalem in 600 BC

300dpi | 600dpi | 1200dpi


Greek Text of Herod's Temple (from the Palestine Exploration Fund Photograph) [p.122]

Greek Text of Herod's Temple

300dpi | 600dpi | 800dpi

Tomb West of Calvary (From the Author's sketch) [p.156]

Tomb West of Calvary

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Jerusalem in 70 A.D. [p.176]

Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

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Map of Jerusalem About 1308 A.D. [p.322]

Map of Jerusalem About 1308 A.D.

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Modern Jerusalem [p.328]

Modern Jerusalem

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