Redating the Exodus and Conquest by John J. Bimson

Both my wife and I remember reading John Bimson’s groundbreaking book Redating the Exodus and Conquest when we were studying theology. So I was delighted when Dr Bimson granted me permission to make his book freely available on-line. I hope that a new generation of Bible students will find it as helpful as we did.

John J. Bimson, Redating the Exodus and Conquest, 2nd edn. Sheffield: The Almond Press, 1981. Pbk. ISBN: 0907459048. pp.288. Download in PDF.

John J. Bimson, Redating the Exodus and Conquest

“The Bible points to a date for the Exodus in the 15th Century B.C. and the archaeological evidence, as interpreted by Bimson, corresponds very closely to, the biblical chronology. Dr. Bimson argues forcefully and with great clarity (as well as in considerable detail) for his theory which runs counter to current scholarly opinion.”

– Journal of Jewish Studies

“By advancing a plausible alternative hypothesis, the book demonstrates that those who hold to a thirteenth century exodus-conquest have no monopoly on the archaeological evidence.” – Journal of Biblical Literature

“The author includes a full chapter on Jericho as an index of Conquest chronological data and correctly concludes that its evidence is now ambiguous. Most enlightening is a long chapter on bi<;hrome ware and ceramic chronology in which he asserts convincingly that ceramics shatters the case for a late
Conquest… A fine piece of work.” – Bibliotheca Sacra

“The section on Bichrome Ware should be mandatory reading for anyone dealing in pottery.”  -Orientalia

“Both the problem it addresses and the style it follows make the book of interest to a wider audience. Bimson calls for a reevaluation of the archaeological shift from middle to late Bronze Age in Palestine … In a day when the traditional archaeological support for a thirteenth century unified invasion of Canaan is increasingly under fire, Bimson offers a fresh look at an old and often ignored alternative.” – Christianity Today

T. Eric Peet’s Comparative Study of the Literatures of Egypt, Palestine, and Mesopotamia

Papyrus Ani curs hiero  [Public Domain image - source Wikipedia]
Papyrus Ani curs hiero
[Public Domain image – source Wikipedia]
The following Schwiech Lectures are now available on-line in PDF:

T. Eric Peet [1882-1934], A Comparative Study of the Literatures of Egypt, Palestine, and Mesopotamia: Egypt’s Contribution to the Literature of the Ancient World. The Schweich Lectures 1929. London: Oxford University Press, 1931. Hbk. 136.

Click <<HERE>> to visit the download page.

Leonard W King on the Legends of Babylon and Egypt in Relation to Hebrew Tradition

Many of the Schweich Lectures on Biblical Archaeology are now in the Public Domain (see this page for a complete list). I will be working through the series as and when I can get access to original copies to scan.

This is the first one to be completed, thanks to a copy kindly provided by Tyndale House:

Leonard W King [1869-1919], Legends of Babylon and Egypt in Relation to Hebrew Tradition. The Schweich Lectures 1916. London: Oxford University Press, 1918. Hbk. pp.155.

You can download a copy in PDF from <<HERE>>

Works of Flinders Petrie enter the Public Domain

Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie died in 1942, which means that his works published in the UK are now in the Public Domain. To celebrate this occasion the following books can now be downloaded free of charge:

W.M. Flinders Petrie [1853-1942], Egypt and Israel. London: SPCK, 1922. Hbk. pp.150.

W.M. Flinders Petrie [1853-1942], Palestine and Israel. Historical Notes. London: SPCK, 1934. Hbk. pp.99 +16 plates.

For more information about Flinders Petrie, visit his page on the Palestine Exploration Fund website.