Egyptian Monument

Illustrations of the Bible from the Monuments of Egypt (1838)

Storming a Fort, p.150
Storming a Fort, p.150

Today’s free book is W.C. Taylor’s study of the monuments of Egypt, which he compares with the relevant biblical texts, complete with over 100 illustrations. This title is in the public domain.

William Cooke Taylor [1800-1849], Illustrations of the Bible from the Monuments of Egypt. London: Charles Tilt, 1838. Hbk. pp.200. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Land and People of Egypt
  • Political Constitution
  • Egyptian Agriculture
  • Horticulture and Vintage
  • Hunting, Fowling, and Fishing
  • Spinning and Pottery
  • Glass-blowing and Manufacture of Jewellery
  • Working in Metals
  • Tanning and Working in Leather
  • Capentry and Cabinet-making
  • Architecture and Colossal Sanctuary
  • Ship-building Navigation
  • Military Affairs. War-chariots and Cavalry
    • Weapons, Armour, etc.
    • Attack and Defence of Fortified Places
  • Musical Intruments, etc.
  • Private Life. Domestic Accommodations
    • Sickness and Death
  • History of Eqypt
  • Conclusion

Main image by Zigor Agirrezabala Vitoria from Pixabay

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