The Archaeology of the Cuneiform Inscriptions, 2nd edn.
Archibald Henry Sayce [1846-1933]

London: Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, 1908. Hbk. pp.220. This book is in the Public Domain.

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1. The Decipherment of the Cuneiform Inscriptions

2. The Archaeological Materials; The Excavations at Susa and the Origin of Bronze

3. The Sumerians

4. The Relation of Babylonian to Egyptian Civilisation

5. Babylonia and Palestine

6. Asia Minor

7. Canaan in the Century Before the Exodus


Illustrations and Maps

Reverse of a Tablet in the Hittite Language from Boghaz Keui [frontispiece]
The Eastern World in the Seventh Century B.C. [op. p.7]
The Tomb of Darius [op. p.16]
Chaldean Household Utensils in Terra-cotta / Black Obelisk of Shalmanseser III [op. p.21]
The Tell of Jerabis (probably the Ancient Carchemish) [op. p.40]
The tumulus of Suza, as it appeared towards the middle of last century [op. p.46]
Head of one of the statues from Tello / Vase of Silver, dedicated to Ningirsu, by Entena Patesi of Lagas [op. p.58]
The Tell of Borsippa, the present Birs-Nimrud [op. p.78]
The seal of Shargani-shar-ali (Sargon of Akkad): Gilgames waters the celestial ox / Bas-relief of Naram-sin [op. p.88]
Sitting Statue of Gudea [op. p.122]
The 1st Assyrian Empire [op. p.135]
View of the temple of Ur in its present state, according to Loftus [op. p.141]
The gardens and hill of Dhuspas or Van [op. p.163]
The ruins of a palace of Urartu at Toprak-Kaleh [op. p.166]
The ruins at Boghaz Keui [op. p.174]
One of the processions in the ravine at Boghaz [op. p.174]

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