The Hittites. The Ancient East, No. VI
Leopold Messerschmidt [1870-1911]

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The Hittites. The Ancient East, No. VI
Publication Year:
David Nutt
Hittites, Archaeology, Ancient Near East
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Public domain

Leopold Messerschmidt [1870-1911], The Hittites. The Ancient East, No. VI

Table of Contents

  1. Hittite History
    1. Scantiness of Sources of Information
    2. Scope of the Name "Hittite"
    3. The Different Branches of the Hittite Stock
    4. The Kheta or Khatti
    5. The Mitani
    6. The so-called "Hittite" Treaty
    7. The Hittite Kingdom of Karkhemish
    8. The Lukki
    9. The Khummukh
    10. The Khilakku
    11. The Kingdoms of Lydia and Cilicia
    12. The Kingdom of Van
  2. Hittite Civilisation
    1. Scenes of the Discovery of Hittite Remains
    2. The Hittite Script
    3. The Inscriptions and the Attempts made to Interpret them
    4. Derived Systems of Writing
    5. Remains of Hittite Languages
    6. Physical Type of the Hittites
    7. Dress
    8. Military Organisation
    9. Hunting
    10. Religion
    11. Reliefs bearing on Religion
    12. Architecture
    13. Sculpture
    14. Characteristic of Hittite Art
    15. Technical Arts

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