Tent Work in Palestine
A Record of Discovery and Adventure,
new edn. in 2 Volumes
Claude Reignier Conder, R.E. [1848-1910]

London: Richard Bentley & Son, 1879. Hbk. pp.381 + 382.
These books are in the Public Domain.

Tent Work in Palestine, 2 Vols. C.E. Conder

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Contents Volume 1

I. The Road to Jerusalem
II. Shechem and the Samaritans
III. The Survey of Samaria
IV. The Great Plain of Esdraelon
V. The Nazareth Hills
VI. Carmel and Acre
VII. Sharon
VIII. Damascus, Baalbek, and Hebron
IX. Samson's Country
X. Bethlehem and Mar Saba
XL Jerusalem
XII. The Temple and Calvary

Contents Volume 2

I. Jericho
II. The Jordan Valley
III. Hebron and Beersheba
IV. The Land of Benjamin
V. The Desert of Judah
VI. The Shephelah and Philistia
VII. Galilee
VIII. The Origin of the Fellahin
IX. Life and Habits of the Fellahin
X. The Bedawin
XI. Jews, Russians, and Germans
XII. The Fertility of Palestine

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