Creation Revealed in Six Days by P.J. Wiseman

P.J. Wiseman [1888-1948], Creation Revealed in Six Days. The evidence of Scripture confirmed by Archaeology

The works of Air Commodore P.J. Wiseman [1888-1948] enter the public domain this year. This is the first of two of his books that I will be placing online. Air Commodore Wiseman was the father of the biblical archaeologist Professor Donald J. Wiseman.

P.J. Wiseman [1888-1948], Creation Revealed in Six Days. The evidence of Scripture confirmed by Archaeology. London & Edinburgh: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, Ltd., 1948. Hbk. pp.144. [Click to visit the download page]


  1. The Problem Stated
  2. Why This Unusual Structure?
  3. Current Theories and The Fourth Commandment
  4. Towards a Solution
  5. The Colophon
  6. The Bible and Babylonian Creation Tablets
  7. The Testimony of Archaeology
  8. Evidences of Antiquity
  9. Creation in Genesis-Gradual or Instantaneous?
  10. Science and The Narrative of Creation
  11. Translation and Commentary
  12. Conclusion


  1. Scripture References to Creation
  2. The ‘Wisdom’ And ‘Word’ of God at Creation
  3. Other Ancient Accounts of Creation

The Problem Stated

A new endeavour is made in the following pages to trace the Biblical creation narrative back to its source and to ascertain why it is divided by six “evenings and mornings”.

Many will doubt whether it is possible-after centuries of discussion-to write anything new about this first page of the Bible. I take however the same view as Butler did when he wrote (Analogy II, iii), “Nor is it at all incredible that a book, which has been so long in the possession of mankind, should contain many truths as yet undiscovered”.

There are several undiscovered truths regarding this first narrative of creation which hitherto have remained unnoticed. One of these is so important, yet so simple and unquestionable, that our failure to recognise it is all the more surprising, seeing that this oversight has created considerable difficulties resulting in continued misinterpretation, causing the narrative to be rejected by so many.

Page 7.

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