New Discoveries in Babylonia About Genesis – P.J. Wiseman

P.J. Wiseman [1888-1948], New Discoveries in Babylonia About Genesis, 5th ed, 1949

This is the second of Air Commodore Wiseman’s books that entered the public domain this year. My thanks to Book Aid for providing a copy for digitisation.

P.J. Wiseman [1888-1948], New Discoveries in Babylonia About Genesis, 5th ed, 1949. London & Edinburgh: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1936. Hbk. pp.143. [Click to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface to the Second Edition
  1. Introduction
  2. Excavations in the Land of Genesis
  3. Rapid Developments in Early History
  4. Methods of Writing 5000 Years Ago
  5. The Key That Unlocks the Book
  6. Evidences of the Antiquity of Genesis
  7. Who Wrote The Original Tablets?
  8. How Moses Compiled Genesis
  9. A Critic’s History of the Higher Criticism
  10. The Critical Theories Now Obsolete
  11. Genesis Defends Itself Against Attack
  12. The Use of the Name and Title For God in Genesis
  13. The Trend of Higher Criticism
  14. Bible and Babylonian Creation Tablets
  15. The New Testament Use of Genesis
  16. The Attitude of the Lord Jesus Christ to Genesis
  17. Conclusion
  • Index

Chapter 1: Introduction

This book is the outcome of studies in archaeology and Genesis, while working in the land of Genesis – Babylonia. The investigation of the literary problems of the book in its ancient environment, and in the light of the mass of new facts regarding ancient literary methods, throws an entirely new light on the problem of its authorship.

My aim is to state as simply as possible the evidence which the Book of Genesis has to give concerning its own origin and composition. To many it will appear surprising that Genesis has anything whatever to say for itself regarding the method by which it was originally written, for scholars have discussed this very question for the last two centuries, without even suggesting that it contains the slightest direct statement concerning its own authorship…

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