Archibald Henry Sayce [1846-1933],
The 'Higher Criticism' and the Verdict of the Monuments

London: SPCK / New York: E. & J.B. Young & Co., 1894. Hbk. pp.575.

This book is in the Public Domain.

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Table of Contents

I. The Higher Criticism and Oriental Archaeology

II. The Antiquity of Oriental Literature

Ill. The Babylonian Element in The Book of Genesis

IV. The Canaanitish and Egyptian Elements in The Book of Genesis

V. The Egyptian Tutelage of Israel

VI. The Development of the Israelitish Nation

VII. Geography and Language

VIII. The Moabite Stone and the Inscription of Siloam

IX. The Assyrian Testimony to The Old Testament

X. The Later Historical Books of the Old Testament

XI. The Books of Daniel and Ezra

XII. Conclusion

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