George Adam Smith [1848-1910]
Jerusalem. The Topography, Economics and History From The Earliest Times to A.D. 70, Vol. 2.
London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1907. Hbk. pp.631.

George Adam Smith, Jerusalem. The Topography, Economics and History From The Earliest Times to A.D. 70

The Book is in the Public Domain.

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Volume 1

Table of Contents Volume 2

Prefatory Note
Table of the Principal Stages in the History

Book III - The History

I. The Prelude-Abd-Khiba, c. 1400 B.C.
II. The Conquest by David, c. 1000 B.C.
III. Solomon and the Temple, c. 970-933 B.C.
IV. From Rehoboam to Ahaz, c. 933-720 B.C.

  1. Rehoboam, c. 933-917
  2. Abiyah, c. 916-914
  3. Asa, c. 913-873
  4. Jehoshaphat, c. 873-850
  5. Jehoram and Ahaziah, c. 850-842
  6. Jehoram and Ahaziah, c. 850-842
  7. Athaliah, c. 842-836
  8. Joash, c. 836-798
  9. Amaziah, c. 797-789 or 779
  10. Uzziah or Azariah, c. 789 or 779-740
  11. Jotham, Regent from 755 or 750; King 740-735
  12. Ahaz, c. 735-720 (?)

V. Isaiah's Jerusalem, from 740 Onwards
VI. Hezekiah and Sennacherib, c. 720-685
VII. Jerusalem Under Manasseh, c. 685-640
VIII. Josiah: Jerusalem and Deuteronomy, c. 638-608
IX. Jeremiah's Jerusalem, c. 625-586
X. The Desolate City, 586-537
XI. The Ideal City and the Real
XII. The Second Temple, From Zechariah to 'Malachi,' 516-460
XIII. Ezra and Nehemiah, 458 (?)-431 B.C.
XIV. The Rest of the Persian Period, 431-332 B.C.
XV. The Jew and the Greek, 332-168 B.C.

  1. Before Alexander the Great
  2. Alexander and the Jews
  3. Wars of the Ptolemies and Seleucids for Palestine
  4. Jerusalem and J udah under the Greeks
  5. The New Jewish Diaspora
  6. Spiritual Intercourse of Jews and Greeks
  7. The Reaction against Hellenism
  8. The Jewish Factions and Antiochus Epiphanes

XVI. Jerusalem Under the Maccabees and the Hasmoneans, 168-38 B.C.
XVII. Herod, the Romans and Jerusalem, 37-4 B.C.
XVIII. Herod's Castle and Temple
XIX. The Temple and the Lord
XX. Jerusalem of the Gospels

General Index
Special Index I. - The Bible and Apocrypha
Special Index II. - Josephus
Special Index III - Talmudic Literature

MAP VII. Ancient Trade Routes in connect on with Jerusalem – facing p.1
MAP VIII. Jerusalem under David - facing p.39
MAP IX. Jerusalem under Solomon - facing p.51
MAP X. Plan of Solomon's Buildings (after Stade) – facing p.59
MAP XI. Jerusalem of the Later Monarchy and after the Exile - facing p.151
MAP XII. Jerusalem in the Time of the Maccabees, 168 onwards - facing p.437
MAP XIII. Jerusalem of the Herodian Period - facing p.487
PLATE XI. Stele of Sety, i.e. of Egypt, discovered by the author at Tell esh-Shihab, May 1901 – facing p.19
PLATE XII. Kasr el-'Abd-Palace of the Slave. Remains of the Ancient Tyrus or Sur built by Hyrkanus (Tobiyah) son of Joseph, c. 180 B.C. – facing p.425
PLATE XIII. Kasr el-'Abd-Palace of the Slave. Gateway outside the Moat of the Palace of Tyrus or Sur – facing p.425
PLATE XIV. 'Arak el-Emir - Cliffs of the Prince, with the two tiers of caves, part of the Fortress of Tyrus or Sur, c. 180 B.C. – facing p.427
PLATE XV. 'Arak el-Emir - Cliffs of the Prince. Entrance to one of the Caves on the Lower Tier with the Inscription: Tobiyah - facing p.429



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